Dear valued member,

I’m writing today with an exciting announcement! Before I share the news, let me tell you a story about our club owner, Matt Ellison. The Ellison family has lived in Discovery Bay for over 30 years. With his background in construction, he asked himself the following question: “what do the surrounding communities need?” He felt it was lacking a health club — not just a gym, but a superior health club where the entire family could come and make memories together while achieving improved well-being. With this mission in mind, he built this health club in 2002 with his own hands.

Mr. Ellison and I are excited to continue to provide Health, Fitness, and Wellness Solutions to our communities. In the last year, we have improved our programs and raised our standards to a higher level in alignment with his mission. We are proud to announce that we’ve upgraded our name to match our service offerings more. We are removing “athletic” and replacing it with “health”. Delta Valley Health Club (DVHC) is committed to help many people in our surrounding communities become fully alive and well. Through our fitness, Healthy Eating education, metabolism retraining, and Lifestyle Success programs, we will continue to identify issues and provide the best solutions for our members.

Despite having much success with fitness, we learned we were missing the true Health and Wellness. By adding a Health & Wellness program, we have been able to better serve our community.

The #1 leading cause of many diseases is obesity, yet today’s stats show 73% of the country are overweight, including 33% of children. Experts are saying this is the first generation that will not outlive their parents. That said, we recognize that the only natural high is the one created by exercising. Exercising produces natural chemicals called endorphins, which as a result creates that euphoric feeling of well-being. Exercise is superior to drugs and alcohol in eliciting the “feel good” factor. Studies show the best way to reduce anxiety/depression is by doing aerobic exercises. Only doing exercises is incomplete as it will not cure all health issues. Together with Total Solutions companies and CEO Donna Krech, Delta Valley Health Club successfully provides Fitness and Wellness solutions.

Acid reflux symptoms are gone; IBS symptoms are being eliminated; Night sweats are obliterated; Hot flashes are put to an end; Migraines have stopped; Removing dependency on prescription drugs, insulin, thyroid meds, and more; Blood pressure medication reduced and in most cases gone. The health benefits from the 20/30 Fast Track program continue to be life changing. Realizing that diets don’t work, we have implemented this program and many others at DVHC that provide education and guidance to help us live towards better health.

Acknowledging that our lives are how we feel, let me tell you about Maryanne Pointes. She is a 73 years old women that has completed our 20/30 program, and she’ll tell you she feels fully alive. In her words, “This is the best I’ve felt in years!” She’ll tell you that she used to wake up and ask herself “what’s going to hurt today?” She now wakes up and, to her amazement, nothing hurts! Joint pain gone! Her doctor continues to reduce and remove her prescribed medication. With the 20/30 plan we now offer, she balanced her insulin levels through clean eating and is no longer diabetic.

Debbie Doll battled inflammation. She worked with doctors for over a year without improvement. She also recently completed our 20/30 wellness program, and now her inflammation which caused her to have a skin rash on her face is a thing of the past! She feels fully alive! What she was unable to accomplish with doctors was achieved with the help of the DVHC team through our wellness systems.

Sylvia Ray shared with us how she joined when her husband had recently had a stroke. At this time, her family needed her to step in and build her business back up, allowing the business to provide for them. Due to an accident which resulted in a bad knee, she was unable to physically accomplish what was needed. By following both the Total Solutions wellness program and the guidance of her personal trainer, she achieved her goal of becoming healthy and strong again. Through a lot of support, structure, and perseverance, she dropped 38 pounds and 26 inches in 2 months. Her knee doesn’t hurt every day and better yet she doesn’t feel trapped by the pain any longer. She feels amazing in so many ways. Best of all, due to her new physical ability she has been able to pick up more business. She thanks our team for giving her life back and recommends anyone looking for health and vitality to join!

Erica Cookson has been a DVHC member for years, worked with our personal trainers for the last 3 years, and recently completed our 20/30 program. She has now lost a total of 36 pounds and feels now is the best she’s felt in long time. Exercise becomes complete when combined with our wellness programs.

Through our wellness programs, we were able to educate Debbie, Maryanne, Sylvia, and Erica about how to control their health outcomes. We teach members to listen to their bodies for food sensitivities that cause weight gain, unbalanced hormones, and foods that cause stress in our Healthy Eating and exercise programs.

We understand people don’t buy what we do! They buy why we do it. We want to personally thank you as it is our privilege to serve you. We purposely strive to provide standards of excellence — from a simple yet vital greeting of hellos and goodbyes to the tremendous number of skills our team members have become proficient in! DVHC continues to succeed due to its strong, passionate, and willing team. Everyone on the DVHC Team strives to add value to others, whether through fitness (personal training, small group, running, Pilates, Kinesis, Real Ryder, Yoga, etc), physical therapy, swim (aerobics, team, master, family, lessons, etc), kids (Camp, Stay & Play, Birthday parties, Parents’ Night out, etc.), Preschool, Sports (golf, basketball, rock climbing, etc), massage therapy, helping others be well, educating, or teaching.

“There is no off season for health & wellness!” means: “We persistently press forward to reach and exceed higher levels of winning in health, fitness, and wellness, which all boils down to helping others have the things in life that matter most!” DVHC is on a mission to impact our members, communities, and team members by providing comprehensive programs of Health, Fitness, and Wellness. We are providing much needed and crucially important results through our “Optimum Health” program that assists and empowers people to be well so they can do well. Our phenomenal training helps educate people, allowing them to feel fully alive, get their joy back, love deeper, and have true health — and we happen to have a great facility! The entire package shows how we truly are a “Superior Health Club!”

Best of health,

Sandy McCaslin
Chief Operating Officer
Delta Valley Health Club Operations

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