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Tailored for all fitness levels and goals – from gym beginners to post-injury recovery and aspiring bodybuilders. Our diverse trainers are here to guide you on your unique journey.

Clarice Griffin

Clarice is a dedicated Personal Trainer with 6 years of experience in Personal Training, 4 years in Group Fitness, and 1 year in Pilates Reformer. Holding an ACE Personal Training Certificate and ISSA Weight Loss Management, along with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology Clarice is your go-to girl! She specializes in pre- and post-natal fitness, glute growth, weight loss, injury recovery, strength training, senior fitness, youth fitness, and mobility. Book a consultation with Clarice today!

Jesus Argueta

Jesus is a seasoned Personal Trainer, bringing 15 years of expertise to each session. With NSCA certification and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Jesus specializes in strength training, injury recovery, weight loss, senior and youth fitness, and mobility enhancement, empowering clients to achieve their fitness goals effectively!

Jessie Williams

Jessie is an accomplished Personal Trainer with a background in bodybuilding and a remarkable track record as a 3-time Bikini Champion and 2-time Overall Bikini Champion. She is NASM Certified and is almost complete with her Nutrition Certificate. Jesse specialized in muscle growth, strength training, competition preparation, and nutrition, guiding clients toward their fitness aspirations with expertise and passion.

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