One Membership, Many Options

Experience a dynamic fusion of cardio classes – from heart-pounding spin sessions to empowering kickboxing. Elevate your workout diversity under one membership.

Pedal and Pump

Ignite your energy with 30 minutes of heart-pounding spin, followed by a weightlifting blast!

Battle in the Saddle

Dance under party lights as artists battle – grab your number at the front desk at 9am and let the showdown begin!


Dance to the rhythm of fun! Join our upbeat Zumba classes featuring percussion beats for an energizing workout that’ll leave you feeling alive and invigorated. Let the music move you!

Cardio at the Barre

Spin meets barre for a unique, heart-pounding sculpting fusion.


A high-energy martial arts-inspired workout combining punches, kicks, and cardio for an intense full-body burn and stress relief.

May 26 - Jun 01
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With over 50 classes a week included in your membership – it’s time to find the perfect class for you!