Weight-Based Classes

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Elevate your fitness journey with our weight-based classes tailored for all ages and experience levels. Whether you’re new to the gym or refining technique, our diverse offerings provide a supportive environment to build strength and confidence while achieving your goals.

Body Blast

The ultimate fusion of strength and cardio! With interval timing and dynamic movements, this hour-long session targets every muscle group, elevating aerobic capacity and cardio endurance. Get ready to blast through fitness plateaus and achieve your goals!


Unleash your inner athlete! Blend Boot Camp intensity with a mix of strength, flexibility, and speed exercises, this high-energy session ensures a full-body challenge, catering to all fitness levels. Get ready to jump, squat, push up, crunch, and sweat!

Muscle Mania

Each day focus on a new body region – lower, upper, cardio/core – with targeted weightlifting using cable machines, plyo boxes, smith machines, and more! Ignite your muscles and feel the burn in just 45 minutes!

Overall Body

A dynamic fusion of strength and cardio designed to maximize results. With interval timing strategies and explosive movements, this high-intensity workout targets every muscle group, enhancing aerobic capacity and cardio strength endurance in just one hour.

Muscle Pump

Pump up the intensity! Combining heart-pumping exercises with dumbells, plate-loaded weights, etc. this full-body workout challenges all fitness levels, leaving you feeling stronger and energized.

Morning Muscle

Kickstart your day with morning muscle, where every session delivers a complete full-body workout. Engage in circuit training utilizing various machines for a dynamic and efficient exercise experience, ensuring you start your day feeling strong and energized.

May 26 - Jun 01
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