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Dive into our diverse array of mind-body classes. Experience the fusion of mindfulness and physicality, cultivating balance, strength, and inner-peace in every session.


Unwind, stretch, and find your inner balance in our rejuvenating yoga classes. Cultivate strength, flexibility, and mindfulness as you journey through a harmonious blend of movement and breath.

Yoga Muscle Fusion

Seamlessly integrate traditional yoga poses with strength-building exercises using dumbbells and weights. Sculpt your body and mind in an empowering session.


Experience a dynamic and energizing workout with our Barre class. Sculpt and tone your body using ballet-inspired movements, focusing on strength, balance, and flexibility for a full-body burn.

Mat Pilates

Discover the essence of strength and control in our low-impact mat pilates classes. Utilizing mats, resistance bands, and small props, each session focuses on core stability, flexibility, and muscle tone.

Yoga Flow

Embark on a journey of fluidity and grace! Unlike traditional yoga, this dynamic practice seamlessly transitions between poses, synchronizing movement with breath for a continuous and energizing flow.


The ultimate fusion of traditional barre techniques and pilates principles. Strengthen, lengthen, and sculpt your body with this dynamic class designed to enhance muscle tone, posture, and flexibility.

Power Stretch

Revitalize and rejuvenate in our Power Stretch class – a sanctuary for muscle recovery, injury prevention, and mental wellness. experience an hour of deep tissue stretching, perfect for increasing flexibility, releasing tension, and promoting overall relaxation.

Water Aerobics

Utilize water resistance and buoyance, this low-impact workout strengthens muscles and improves cardiovascular health. Access our state-of-the-art pool and locker rooms for a refreshing experience.

May 26 - Jun 01
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